Friday, March 20, 2020

Granite Flagstones Driveway and Patio in Collinswood, Dublin

This is a project, that Select Paving has recently finished in Collinswood, Dublin.

First we removed all of the original block paving and kerbing. We laid down a new foundation of a heavy duty weed protection membrane and hardcore stone base.

We created a beautiful old style tumble cobbled border around the whole perimeter.

Then we anchored the Buff Granite Flagstones in cement for extra durability.

Lastly we fashioned a new step at the back door of the house, using the matching flags.

Call Select Paving Dublin today at 01 – 6856262 to make an appointment or request a free, no obligation quotation. If you are looking for more information about our block paving services in Dublin, you can check our website.

Gravel Driveway with Old Style Cobbled Pathway in Dublin

In this project, Select Paving Dublin has created a new gravel driveway with old style cobbled pathway in Dublin.

We started by digging out the original front lawn. Then we laid down a thick border of old style granite cobbles at the front and the sides of the driveway. We also created a raised flower bed on one side, as well as new door steps to match the colour of the cobbles.

Then we put down a base of 804 stone with a membrane sheeting underneath to stop any weed growth.

We created a winding pathway for a more natural look. Finally we poured down gravel in the remaining area and raked it smooth.

To see more of our gravel services in Dublin, visit our website. You can also give Select Paving a direct call at 01 – 6856262 to schedule an appointment or request a free quote.

Asphalt Driveway with Buff Granite Cobbles in Dundrum, Dublin

This was an asphalt driveway project, that Select Paving Dublin has recently finished in Dundrum.

We started by removing the old concrete driveway and laying a new foundation of hardcore crushed stone. Then we laid the Natural Buff Granite Cobbles in a four rows at the front for a lovely visual detail. We also run a similar border around the perimeter of the driveway.

Our team fashioned a new Buff bull-nose step at the front door, to match the shade of the border.

We finished the driveway with a layer of concrete and final topping of asphalt, that was power rolled smooth.

Call Select Paving Dublin today to make an appointment or request a free quote on your own tarmac or asphalt project in Dublin.

What Is A Carport?

A carport is something that has become less of a feature on a driveway every year. It is still fairly common on older terrace houses in the UK but you do not really see it much in Dublin anymore.

The purpose of a carport is to provide you a place to park your car whilst still being on the driveway. It will protect the car from the elements and give you a place to step out onto without getting wet. Kind of a like a garage but with no walls or garage door on it!

Now you may wonder, why not just have a garage instead? Well, building a garage is a lot more complicated and will cost you significantly more as well.

Here are some of the key differences between a garage and a carport

Building a new garage, especially if you did not have one previously, will require planning permission. It will require a bricklayer for the walls and a roofer to do the roof. Now you can just get a builder, who can handle that all for you but you will be paying extra for this.

A new garages requires a new base foundation, a concrete or similar styled floor, concrete footings for walling, windows, generally a side door and a main front garage door.

As you can see, this will start to pile up in costs after a while and there is maintenance required that goes along with it. Oiling the garage door, spring cleaning, guttering systems, regular roof maintenance and more.

So lets now look at a carport and see the difference.

No planning permission required, no walling, no new surface, no doors, no windows and very little maintenance. The only maintenance you will require is going to be on the roof.

A car port can be built with no walls by simply using support beams (metal preferably) which are bedded into the ground and will support the roof the new car port.

If it is backing into a wall, you do not need any extra support, otherwise, we recommend tying it into the side of the house to give it some extra support.

Make sure to pick the right roof for the carport, a nice perplex styled roof will let a lot of light in vs a traditional felt roof. Round off the appearance of your carport with a nice gutter, soffit and fascia style to complete the look

A carport will cost around 1/5th of what a new garage will cost on average. If you already have a carport, the only type of maintenance you will require is making the sure the guttering system works, drains away correctly and that the roof is watertight.

If you do need maintenance, we recommend a company such as TC Roofers - Roofing Contractors in Dublin to handle the free maintenance check for you.

Here at Select Paving, we can put in a wide range of carport styles on any driveway without affect the existing driveway. We can build a new driveway in Dublin around and for your carport as well.

Options exist for metal frameworks, brick built carports, stand alone or lean to carports and more.


Thursday, March 5, 2020

Tiered Granite Patio with Astroturf and Gravel Patch in Dublin

We created this beautiful multi-tiered patio in the heart of Dublin.

The materials used were Granite Paving flags with Charcoal Grey paving brick border, astroturf (artificial grass) and granite gravel in front of the shed.

All of the materials were supplied and labour was carried out by your local driveway and patio contractor at Select Paving Dublin. Visit our website for inspiration on your own block paving driveway project in Dublin.

Corrib Driveway with New Brick Pillars in Clonsilla, Dublin

This block paving driveway project has been recently carried out by Select Paving in Clonsilla, Dublin.

We started by taking out the original driveway and laying a new foundation of 804 crushed stone as well as some heavy duty membrane sheeting.

Our team built two new brick pillars at the entrance of the driveway and topped them with beautiful granite capping.

We created raised flower beds using bull-nose kerbing. Same blocks were used to fashion a new doorstep.

Then we put down a layer of sand and cement mixture and compacted it down for the paving blocks to sit on. We used Corrib paving blocks for the main paving with a colour contrasting charcoal edge.

Select Paving is an expert driveway contractor that can handle jobs of any size. To get inspired, visit block paving services section on our website.

Corrib Driveway with Silver Granite Cobble Border in Coolock, Dublin

Our team at Select Paving Dublin has recently finished this corrib driveway in Coolock.

We took out the original tarmac driveway and lawn to extended the parking area.

We laid down a new 804 stone base and heavy duty membrane sheeting to prevent weed growth in the future. Our team also installed new Silver Granite Cobble border and set it in concrete.

The driveway was laid with Dark Grey Corrib blocks for the main paving and Light Grey ones for a colour contrasting edge.

See some more block paving services in Dublin on our website. Select Paving are experts at laying any surface on your driveway.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New Asphalt Driveway with Cobbled Border in Ballybrack, Dublin

Here is a recap of an asphalt driveway project, that Select Paving has recently finished in Ballybrack, Dublin.

First we took out the existing driveway and leveled off the area. Then we laid down an 804 stone base and installed rows of Light Grey Granite Cobbles around the perimeter for a nice colour contrast with the future asphalt driveway.

We fashioned a new doorstep using the same Light Grey Cobbles together with some Natural Grey ones.

Lastly we poured down a thick layer of asphalt and machine rolled it down for a perfectly smooth finish.

If you want professionals handling your asphalt or tarmac driveway in Dublin give Select Paving a call today. We offer unbeatable prices and wide range of materials and techniques to dress up your driveways.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

New Gravel Driveway Avenue in Sutton, Dublin

Here are a few pictures of a new gravel driveway in Sutton, Dublin, completed by our team at Select Paving.

First we leveled off the area and prepared it for the gravel to come. Then we laid and compacted down our crushed limestone foundation. The existing kerbs were in a great shape so there was no need to replace those.

At the entrance of the property we laid multiple rows of snugly fitted granite cobble setts for a classy and timeless look. We topped the driveway with grey pebble gravel chippings and raked it down to create one even layer.

Please visit our website to see other gravel services in Dublin offered by Select Paving. Feel free to give us a call today to bring your own driveway projects to life.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

New Granite Gravel Driveway in Rathfarnham

Take a look at some during and after pictures of this granite cobble and granite gravel driveway in Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin. All materials and labour were supplied by our professionals at Select Paving.

As always we started by clearing out the existing driveway, which was laid with concrete. We also removed part of the lawn and greenery to significantly widen the usable area.

Our team laid a foundation of an 804 sub-base, as well as a hardcore membrane to stop any unwanted weed growth in its tracks. We created a pathway, edging border and a doorstep using varieties of Granite Cobbles and anchored them down with concrete. The multiple rows of cobbles at the entryway, along with a functioning drainage system, catch an eye of anyone walking by.

The rest of the area was then filled with Granite Gravel and compressed down.

You can check gravel services in Dublin or give us a call directly at Select Paving Dublin for a free estimate on your own driveway project.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Tarmac Driveway with Grey Cobblestone Border in Dublin

Here is quick recap of a tarmac driveway, completed by Select Paving in Dublin.

First, we dug out the existing surface and removed it from the site. Then we laid down a foundation for the future driveway - a Type 1 MOT sub-base. We created a raised block kerbed flower bed in one of the corners as well as a new doorstep to match.

To break the blackness of the tarmac, we used a contrasting Grey Cobblestone border around and tripled it at the entrance to create a nice entryway feature. The border, along with the two new ACO drains on each side, were set in concrete to anchor them down.

Then we completed the project by pouring down a layer of tarmac and power-rolling it down for a perfectly smooth finish.

Should you be interested in getting a free quote about your own tarmac project in Dublin, give us a call at 01 – 6856262. More of tarmac services by Select Paving can be seen at

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Asphalt Driveway in Drogheda

We have recently laid a new Asphalt Driveway on a lovely property in Drogheda.

As usually, we started by prepping the area. That included digging and removing the original surface, leveling of any imperfections and laying a new solid base.

To define a clear border for the future driveway, we needed to lay new rounded kerbstones all around.

We finished the driveway with a layer of SMA Asphalt. This is one of the most popular materials used for residential driveways for its low maintenance and high durability. It gives any entryway a contemporary and modern look.

Our professional team is on hand to discuss your own dream asphalt project in Drogheda. You can call us directly or visit should you require more information.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Redesigned Patio in Glasnevin

We are especially proud of the following patio transformation, completed by experts from Select Paving in Glasnevin.

Firstly, we removed all old hedging and lawn to make space for the planned layout. Secondly, to increase the privacy of the owners, we built a new block wall. New pillars were installed at intervals to provide better stability for the wall.

We've laid a curved patio, using Grange Granite flagstones and Silver Granite border line with new foundations, membrane sheeting and sub-base underneath.

We filled the rest of the garden area with a Grade 1 Topsoil for the new lawn.

If you would like to read more about our patio services, check for more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you about your own patio or garden project in Glasnevin!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Block Paving Installation in Dun Laoghaire

New block paving installation in Dun Laoghaire completed by Select Paving. We transformed the front of a garden area turning it from a lawn area into an elevated paved area using block paving from Kilsaran. We elevated it using a medium cobble block and put a dropped down area to blend in with the existing driveway.

The drop down was built using 3 sizes from the tumbled range at Kilsaran and a granite cobble border. Aco drains were installed along the border to ensure no water pooling would occur. Get a free quote today from Select Paving in Dublin. Experts at driveways, patio and garden installations. Free estimates. More at

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